• Version 1.0
Added Achievements (12 Achievements total 300G points)
Added sheriffs that can chase you if you are doing crimes
Added intro and ending cut-scenes
Added 5 New Wanted mission (total 10)
Added 5 New Race events (total 10)
Added 2 new safehouses
Added birds
30 golden horseshoes to collect
Increased map size
Added headshots!
Added more clothes in the wardrobe
Added more sounds and saloon music
Lots of other fixes

  • Version 0.2
Added 2 New Races (total 5)
Added 3 New Wanted mission (total 5)
Added 3 new weapons (including sniper rifle)
Added background music and options
Added blackjack minigame inside the Saloon
Added wardrobe in safehouse to change clothes
Bigger map size
Added pedestrians
Fixed the controls while you shoot in fps view
Fixed collisions
Lots of other fixes

  • Version 0.1
First beta release